Starter Setup

This is the kit we are using at start-up. 

Robots are available for use at our events and we are happy to loan them. 

We are developing our own home grown bot, so we can reduce costs and make it easier for people to obtain their own robot.

   Waveshare AlphaBot2    A$115

This is an import from Waveshare and the above cost is at current exhange rate including freight.
RobotsGo may have units already available for use at the workshop or available for purchase at our cost. 

  2 x Rechargeable 18650 Batteries with charger

   These will be needed to power the car. You may already have a charger. $19.95

   2 x $16.95 =A$33.90  Jaycar   You may want to consider another two as spares. Charged ready to go.

   Various deals for batteries and charger can be found online. You can charge the batteries in the robot.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ A$89  from Jaycar

Deals can be found online, You do not need a case.

16 Gigabyte SD card $9.95  from Office works