Level 1



RobotsGo  Controller

Awareness of robotic systems limitations, strengths and weaknesses

Remote control of pre-built robots

Races and Mazes

Level 2



RobotsGo  Builder

Basic electronics

Building robots from parts

Constructions skills

Level 3



RobotsGo Programmer

Robots are programmed to:  follow lines, avoid objects ...

Use of algorithms to control robotic systems


May be by wireless or on-board control

No remote control by human

Level 4



RobotsGo Designer

Design of robots and robotic software using algorithmic or a simple AI method

Robots are autonomous

Design of physical robots and systems using pre-built components

Level 5



RobotsGo Engineer

Use of AI and neural networks to create decision making robotic systems

Machine vision, language recognition …

Development of novel approaches to robotics and AI