Our primary goals are:

      To support and foster an interest in various aspects of robotics

      and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will:

provide hands-on experience in operating, designing, building, and programming robots, while developing leadership, teamwork, and project management skills that will prepare members for the future;

provide a forum for discussion and sharing information about robotcis and AI, and give its members a community to participate in and learn about the field of robotics and AI;

provide activities that promote the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics based education (STEM).

We are always open to new members. Members ages are typically between 8 yrs and 80 yrs.

Our older members include engineers, IT people, teachers and makers. There is always someone at our meetings to help any young ones learn new skills or solve problems. We can also help parents learn enough to engage with STEM and their child in a way that maybe they have not thought possible. These days there are plenty of kits that make innovation in robotics accessible to everyone. So please consider coming to a meeting and finding out more. We are a small group now but have ammbitions, so get involved now and help us build an exciting club. 

Remember: Science and technology can be fun for all!